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Accident Victim?  Here Are the Steps You Need to Take To Get Compensation

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If you’ve been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of someone, you need a Lockwood car accident attorney you can trust.  Not all lawyers can achieve the same results.  Just like in sports, your track record matters.  We’ve been helping victims of car accidents for over twenty years. 


Every state, including Nevada, has strict time limits on when a claim can be filed and pursued.  If the claims are no properly filed and served on the responsible parties within this period, the case will be forever barred.  There aren’t any exceptions.  It’s important to get all of your questions answered from an experience Reno car accident attorney.  Give us a call today and have a piece of mind knowing that you have someone to deal with your insurance company and a track record of success.



If You're Thinking... "I Need a Lockwood Car Accident Lawyer Near Me"...Then You're Right!

Having a local expert is essential.  Remember, insurance adjusters receive extensive instruction on how to save their company as much money as possible.  They are trained with that goal in mind, not to evaluate the injuries and liability and pay a fair settlement.  Their goals are simply not aligned with your needs.  That’s why if you are thinking…it is essential to have a local Lockwood car accident attorney near me...you’re 100% correct.  The insurance adjuster has too many tricks at their disposal and you’re playing their game.  Not only that, but many insurance companies pay out bonuses and provide advancement opportunities based on how much they save the company, not based on how many cases are settled fairly.  In other words, their livelihood is directly opposed to a fair outcome for you!

Here are a few ways the adjustor attempts to accomplish this:

  • Requesting Unnecessary Information
  • Disputing Your Medical Care
  • Delaying the Settlement Process
  • Encourage You to not Hire an Attorney in Lockwood NV
  • Challenge Small Portions of Your Medical Bills
  • Misrepresenting Insurance Policy Benefits
  • Making False Promises
  • Acting as Your Friend in Your Time of Need

Our Lockwood Car Accident Lawyers Know all the Insurance Adjuster's Dirty Tricks

The day you were injured you essentially entered a war zone with the insurance industry.  For decades, the insurance industry has spent billions of dollars on mass advertising offering misleading information about the nature of accident claims.  The insurance industry wants the public to believe that the justice system as it relates to accident claims is out of control and people are being rewarded millions of dollars for minor injuries. 

The net result is that juries can be very skeptical nowadays when evaluating individual cases where someone claims, “pain and suffering.”  The insurance claim adjustor handling your case is not your friend.  You need to understand that the adjuster will you use any and all means necessary to pay out as little as possible.  This is the case for legitimate claims with serious injuries.  It’s how they are judged and how their job performance is evaluated.  

Get a Lockwood, NV Attorney Who Knows How to Deal with These Tactics

These are just a few of the tactics that the insurance companies use to wear down injured victims so that they accept a lower pay out.  To some extent, the industry has been successful. The backlash created by the insurance industry against our justice system is a very strong movement in many parts of our country.  The success of the Tort Reform movement has emboldened the insurance industry to withhold fair settlements until you convince them that you are ready, willing and able to go to trial. But do not be discouraged. You can achieve fair compensation for your injuries.  But, you’re going to need the experience of a Reno Car Accident Lawyer.  

Don't Wait to Receive Medical Care or Contact an Injury Lawyer in Lockwood NV

Often times a client of ours will wait several days or over a week to seek medical attention.  If you are hurt in an accident, it is extremely important that you promptly see the doctor.  Many times people will delay treatment following an accident, believing that their condition or pain will gradually improve and subside.  However, when it doesn’t, and they see the doctor several days later, it can be difficult to prove that the reason you have pain is from the accident.  In other words, proving causation can be much more difficult.  So, it’s important to visit a medical provider after your accident if you are injured without any exception.  Potential jurors and insurance adjuster want to see an injured person promptly seek medical treatment.  Likewise, it’s important to promptly seek counsel from an injury lawyer in Lockwood NV as soon as possible to help guide you and avoid common mistakes that can hurt your car accident case.  

Your Auto Accident Lawyer in Lockwood NV Will Advise You to Not Speak to an Insurance Adjuster Right After Your Accident

Potential clients should avoid giving too much information to their insurance company or the at-fault driver’s insurance company right after the accident.  A Reno car accident lawyer should be consulted prior to any important statements.  Insurance companies often ask people to give a “recorded statement” and sign medical authorizations which allow them to request medical records prior to your accident.  This is a huge mistake and one that your auto accident lawyer in Lockwood NV can help you avoid.  These seemingly innocent statements can be used against you down the line to minimize your injuries.  

Don't Hide Past Accidents From Your Attorneys in Lockwood NV

A client should never hide past accidents from attorneys in Lockwood NV.  Once a case is begun, the other side is allowed to explore your past accident history to determine whether you injury or condition could have been cause by another accident.  Usually the other side already has substantial information about any of your prior accidents.  If you do not disclose prior accidents to your Reno car accident attorney, this can severely damage your car accident claim in Lockwood NV.

Additionally, a client should never hide past injuries or medical conditions from their auto accident lawyer in Lockwood NV.  You need to inform your Reno car accident attorney about injuries or any medical conditions that pre-dated the accident.  If you visited a doctor for a prior injury then there is a medical written record that describes it in some detail.  If your car accident attorney in Lockwood NV knows about your prior medical history at the beginning of the claim then he can manage the case in the appropriate way.  

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